Brains On Fire

Been sneezing like anything today. Sigh. Really hoping to get rid of my flu by tomorrow. So what have I been up to lately? Basically running Up, going to office once a week, preparing my upcoming wedding insya Allah, and searching for a new little house for me and S...:)

I really believe that being positive gives you greater positivity in return. My life has been full of struggles, and no matter how many falls, disappointments and tears I had to go through, I am proud to have always tried my best and let Allah decide. For any of you who is feeling down at the moment, please believe that everything happens for a reason, a reason that we might not understand at this point of time, but is actually the best for our lives. Stay positive and the universe will multiply that positivity for you...:)

Zara floral top, Miss Houndstooth pants, Allura flower piece, unbranded hats, Nine West sandals

"Brains On Fire" is one of the best books I have ever read. Really recommended! :)

Btw, this is a message to S --> Please come and bring me some vitamins. Thank you.