Choco Numero Uno

Unbranded top, Mango trousers & sunglasses, Up wedges

Highlight of the week: Sandiaga Uno? Really? Yaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...


London photo diary

londen 042
londen 124
londen 055
londen 018
londen 053n
londen 228
londen 198
londen 203
londen 227
londen 061n
londen 216
londen 186
londen 182
londen 175
londen 167
londen 174
londen 157
londen 155
londen 147
londen 141
londen 115
londen 099
londen 090
londen 079
londen 065
londen 008
londen 040
londen 010
It's official, I love London!! I hadn’t been to this amazing city for a while now and it was so nice that I had the opportunity to explore it with my boyfriend Jordy for a few days..
It was amazing! My favorites were Hyde Park and Brick Lane with the Old Spitalfields market (Vintage, curry and people were actually ballroom dancing), Oxford Circus Topshop, Museum of National History and the Victoria and Albert museam of art & design (what a beautiful building and it was open till 9 pm and there were dj's and drinks).

BTW, what do you think about my new haircolor? It's chocolate brown and I have cut my bangs again..

Beads To The Beat

Gasping. This Haus of Price shoe is just awesome awesome awesome.


And today was shopping day with S...yayyyyyy! :)

Mango t-shirt, Velvet dress, Zara belt, Topshop necklace, Antyk Butyk necklace, unbranded tights & straw hat, Kulkith shoes

Scooby Scuba Dooby Diving

After weeks of planning and delays, S and I finally went for our very first scuba diving lesson today...soooo muuuucchhh fuuuun! Venue was good, instructor was very professional, and the whole experience was somehow very refreshing...yay!

I actually came to know about this scuba diving lesson from Di Kota Kita...they have interesting offers, you know? I also bought my go-karting vouchers from Di Kota Kita...:)


And here you from today..:)


The key to scuba diving is to just stay calm & breathe properly...never, ever panic...:)

Eye Love Hot Chocolate

I loooove this eye cropped top from L& best new item of the week! :)

L&K cropped top, Coloriot shorts, Mango short tights, Allura flower piece, unbranded straw hat, Up wedges

Btw, do you know how to make your very own homemade hot chocolate drink that can beat Starbucks's and Coffee Bean's?


Here's how:


Just add a sachet of Milo 3in1 powder plus 2 blocks of Van Houten chocolate plus very hot water to ensure the chocolate blocks melt. PERFECTO.

Lastly, a new sleeping animal-mate in my bed the owl, courtesy of Ideku it! :)



The act of collecting thoughts is most of the times underrated. What people often value and appreciate is the view of someone running here and there working till late night with his or her cellphone constantly ringing being reminded of meetings one needs to attend. And yet those who sit quietly at home thinking what to do next is perceived as lazy and has nothing to do.

Collecting thoughts does not translate to doing nothing. It's the door to opening everything.

Mustard & Lace

onlyuggs 225

onlyuggs 167

onlyuggs 244

onlyuggs 241

onlyuggs 147

onlyuggs 160

onlyuggs 264n
My look of the day. I am wearing a vintage skirt, H&M top, ASOS boots, vintage chanel bag, vintage Moschino belt and a Topshop jacket.
I am going to London now for 4 days!! I hope I have decent internet in my hotel room so I can give you some updates of my trip! Or else I will be seeing you in 4 days and you will get the overload of pictures after!