Topshop A/W 2011 Lookbook

What I Wore To Work

Thursday is office day...yay! :)

DR for Bloop Endorse shirt & skirt, unbranded legging, Nine West belt, Up wedges

Btw, check out Sharjeel gone loco after seeing the crazy traffic jam...:D

All Starts With A Dream

"Do you ever get bored of blogging?"
"Bored? I love blogging so much!"

When I say that "fashion is a form of art applied on human's body", I really mean it with all my heart. Art has always played a major role in my life, and without it, I feel empty. Back then, my creative outlet was my digital artworks uploaded to my Deviantart account. Now it's through the clothes I wear, all uploaded to this blog. I really see clothes in an art-ly manner. I truly enjoy combining colors and prints and patterns and fabrics. They're all like canvas, brushes and paints all together. Clothes have a deeper meaning, you know? It's not always about trends or brands. It's about self-expression...:)

Btw, I've always loved Desigual for its colorful prints and positive messages and I'm so happy that the brand is now available in Jakarta exclusively at Urban Icon store...yayyyy! :)

PhotobucketZara floral top, Topshop floral bralet, Dedittie fringe skirt, custom-made floral leggings, Desigual bag, Forever 21 hat, Up wedges

England's dreamers

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The look of the day; the t-shirt is from Theorphansarms, the tights are from Romwe, the blazer is from H&M, the shorts are from Topshop, the sunglasses and hat are both vintage and the pocket watch necklace and the anchor ring are from Zarataylor.

Practicing My Cool Face A.k.a. No Smiles

How many rejections must one face? How many bullies? How many ridicules? No matter how much, perhaps that's not the point. It's not to be remembered. And not to be counted. It's to be surmounted. Over and over again. So you can smile, all over again too.

Forever 21 faux leather jacket, Thingswelove top, Kivee cardigan worn as turban, Emilio Pucci fabric wrapped as skirt, Payless shoes, S's shoes

How's my cool face? Cool? ;p

Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale

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sprookjesjurk 372
This wonderful fairytale dress is something I got from Chicwish, the blazer is from H&M, the platforms are from Jessica Simpson and the bag is from Fashionzenvintage.

Burberry creepers

The most coveted shoes for fall, the Burberry Prorsum creeper platforms.

Tu es ma joie de vivre

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I am wearing a dress and tights from Romwe, lace collar from ASOS and sandals from Topshop. Thank god it is friday! One day of college and I am so going to enjoy my surprisingly quiet (which is a good thing once in a while) weekend! You all have a lovely weekend as well!

Salmon Love

I believe in you, in us. Because God gifted me you. It wasn't the usual thing where 'like' grew into 'love'. It was more of 'understanding' that grew into 'extending'. Because I understood you, I wanted to extend you further. So you can be better, and you can reach higher. And vice versa.

Baju 24 knit outerwear + mid-length skirt + puffy skirt, Topshop shirt, gifted scarf, Mango sunglasses, Up wedges

Btw, Up has a new awesome feature...yayyyy! You can now send Up shoes as a gift! We'll wrap it for you beautifully and have them delivered to the recipient directly...:)


Click here for more info! :)

Lastly, do you guys like stand-up comedy shows? There's an upcoming show by Pandji Pragiwaksono and I think it'll be a great event to come to and also meet up...and the offer is very good as for only Rp.69.500, you get to enjoy:
  • stand-up comedy show by Pandji
  • sharing + Q&A session on "how to be a stand-up comedian" by Pandji himself
  • free dinner meal from Chatterbox plus refillable / bottomless drink
  • OPEN MIC! If you think you got the talent, this is the time to show off and get Pandji to spot you...if the floor thinks you're funny, you instantly get Rp.200.000 and 20 meal vouchers from Chatterbox!
If you're interested, buy the tickets here...:)

Message in a bottle

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Hi, how are you guys? I am doing great, only a bit busy with searching for a new internship for 9 weeks in total starting the 14th of November. If my Dutch readers got some tips for a nice internship in the styling/ design field, please let me know!
This is my look of the day: the pullover is from Theorphansarms, the vintage velvet docs I was so happy to find on Ebay, the shorts are from Newyorker and the heart bag is from Enjoy your day!!

You can't fake fashion bag

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blog2 211

blog2 206
Today I have received my custom personalized CFDA + eBay Fashion "You Can't Fake Fashion" tote from Shopedropoff. I love it so much and I am so honored! The illustrator Rosemary Fanti did an amazing job!
Wow, I now have my own Fashionzen bag, so great! Thank you Shopedropoff team!

Winners Faketattoos giveaway

Congrats ! You are the three winners of the Faketattoos giveaway! I have send you an email with all the details. Thank you so much to everyone who took part in this giveaway! If you didn't win, no worries, there are more giveaways to come!

All That Junk

I think I'm currently going through what I call an "entrepreneur blues"'s that phase where you're still new yet growing yet scared of how things will's that phase where you have sleepless nights doing nothing but thinking as if there's so many things to think about while you're actually just worried and anxious about uncertainty.

Being an entrepreneur is like putting your whole self out there and taking the riskiest risk (this sounds cute). When you fall, you fall. With no safety net. And you gotta have enough energy to get back up and say "what the heck I'll try again", only this time better. When you succeed, it frightens you because that so-called success can disappear in seconds if you make the wrong move. I think, being an entrepreneur requires us to be calm, composed, wise and very very positive. In fact, only positivity can help us survive.

To all the entrepreneurs out there...THIS IS ME HUGGING YOU --> HUUUUUGGGGGGG!

Forever 21 faux leather jacket & sunglasses, Levi's t-shirt, Dorothy Perkins long t-shirt, unbranded legging, Up wedges

I haven't been changing my handbag for weeks. Can't believe I've been carrying all this inside my Fossil bag for the past few wonder it's always so heavy.

Ipad - handphones - medicine kit - bandages - hairbrush - ODM watch - Ted Baker wallet
Payless socks - Di Kota Kita vouchers - movie tickets - bank receipts - Jakarta map - Youth Startup Icon Competition finalist tag
notepad - candies - Forever 21 flower headband - Forever 21 necklace - pens - unbranded bow hairclips - random notes