Salmon Love

I believe in you, in us. Because God gifted me you. It wasn't the usual thing where 'like' grew into 'love'. It was more of 'understanding' that grew into 'extending'. Because I understood you, I wanted to extend you further. So you can be better, and you can reach higher. And vice versa.

Baju 24 knit outerwear + mid-length skirt + puffy skirt, Topshop shirt, gifted scarf, Mango sunglasses, Up wedges

Btw, Up has a new awesome feature...yayyyy! You can now send Up shoes as a gift! We'll wrap it for you beautifully and have them delivered to the recipient directly...:)


Click here for more info! :)

Lastly, do you guys like stand-up comedy shows? There's an upcoming show by Pandji Pragiwaksono and I think it'll be a great event to come to and also meet up...and the offer is very good as for only Rp.69.500, you get to enjoy:
  • stand-up comedy show by Pandji
  • sharing + Q&A session on "how to be a stand-up comedian" by Pandji himself
  • free dinner meal from Chatterbox plus refillable / bottomless drink
  • OPEN MIC! If you think you got the talent, this is the time to show off and get Pandji to spot you...if the floor thinks you're funny, you instantly get Rp.200.000 and 20 meal vouchers from Chatterbox!
If you're interested, buy the tickets here...:)