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I am wearing a H&M sweater, blazer and sunnies, an Alexander Wang bag, Isabel Marant boots and a skirt from Houseofmaryannevintage.

Mixed Positivity

Stradivarius legging worn as cardigan, Endorse top, Forever 21 skirt, various necklaces from Bali, unbranded wedges

Chanel Mimosa

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I finally found it, the Chanel Mimosa nail polish! This is definitely going to be my new favourite nail color for this season!

Good Night.

You can cry and get upset. You can think the world is over and there's no hope. But end the feelings that very night and start fresh the next day. Life's short! :)

Water & Air

Topshop dress, Kate Spade bag

If I were to nominate a certain year as the busiest time of my life, I guess it would be 2011. If I were to also nominate a certain year where I learned, improved and matured a lot, it would also be 2011. Huge things are happening in my life, and I cannot be more thankful to Allah for drilling me in His very own hard way.

I need some air to breathe though, so I've decided to cut down my activities. I will only be focusing on Up and a new business, and I guess I'll skip any new events or projects except ones I have committed to. I just wanna take things easy...:)

Btw, Dashboard Confessional is my favorite band. Just saying.

And oh, I attended Jakarta Highland Gathering cool! :D

Carrying my favorite Fossil bag from Urban Icon. Pictures courtesy of Ayu.

Me: "Mom, why am I scared?"
Mom: "Good. Having fear shows that your humble."

World's Greatest Supporter



Dark Autumn








H&M Fall 2011 Lookbook

Leopard cross

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I am wearing a cross top from Romwe, shorts from New Yorker, H&M blazer, ASOS bag and hat and Swedish Hasbeens for H&M shoes.

Bruno Mars Lied

Me: "Would you actually catch a grenade for me?"
Him: "That's freakin stupid."

Readers art

Thank you Natalie of Skippinginheels for making this amazing drawing of me! You are really talented! I love it!

Cut & Chat

I got a hair cut! Yay! :)

Stradivarius t-shirt, skirt & legging, vintage outerwear, Allura flower necklace worn as belt, Up wedges

In the morning, I also got invited by Cosmopolitan magazine to join a sharing session together with Yoris Sebastian, Andini Effendi, and Carline & Ria of Cotton happy to have finally met Yoris! :)



Live life in full color

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Still lots of sunshine in the Netherlands so it was a good day to wear some color! My look of the day; I am wearing a cape dress from Betweenthebuttonsvintage, a bag from Romwe, H&M sunnies and Jeffrey Campbell's Lita's.


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Hope you all had a great weekend? Mine was such fun, I celebrated my birthday on friday and saturday :) Met up with some friends and family, which was really nice!
Now working again at Supertrash, 1 month to go and I am finished with my internship there. Time goes by so fast!

This is my look from Sunday. Top, jumper, boots and shorts are from Isabel Marant, the bag is from AW and the hat is from ASOS.

Quote of The Day

"Whether it's a heart attack or heartbreak, just like Broadway, the show must go on."

- Rachel Berry, GLEE Season 2

Adios, SG!

Lunch with mom before heading back to Jakarta...:)


Someone: "Diana, how do you stay jolly the whole day?"
Me: "I eat a whole lot of candies and chocolate!"

Blueprint Emporium - Day 2

It's a wrap! Yayyyyyyyy! Such an awesome experience to be a part of this event...thank you so much to the people of Blueprint for the opportunity! :)

I'm so thankful that the people I met in Singapore here were so nice and friendly...knowing that I was carrying 60 kg of stuff, everything felt so light and easy as I got helped by so many people along the way...and I got the best booth-neighbors! Seriously friendly people...:') At the end of the day, I traded a pair of my Up shoes for a skirt from the booth in front of me hahah...thanks, Saloni! :)

My personal favorite brands that took part in this event are: Belle Sauvage, Mae Pang, Revasseur, L'ile Aus Ashby and Bangkok Smiths!

As much as I'd love to take more pictures of the overall event, it really was difficult to as I couldn't really leave my own booth...and even when I did manage to take some snaps of a particular booth, the owner got upset and asked me to stop taking pictures of her products hehehe...soweeeeee ;p

Jeremy Scott X Adidas dress, Cotton On sequin cropped top, unbranded tights, Up wedges

See you guys again some other time! :)