Blueprint Emporium

Hi, all...I'm off to Singapore until Monday as Up will be joining Blueprint (Emporium) 2011, an Asian fashion event in Singapore which will be held in Marina Bay Sands, Expo & Convention Centre Hall B & C, 21-22 May 2011...:)


At Blueprint Emporium, you'll be able to shop till you drop hehehe..I myself have checked out the other brands that will be participating and I've been thinking hard on how to be present at my own booth while at the same time shop around hahah..and yes, this event is open for public..:)

Aannnd it's gonna be a very 'scary' experience for me since my brand is relatively new and I don't know how the people in Singapore will respond to it...but hopefully they'll love it! Nevertheless, I'm sure it's gonna be a great, insightful experience to meet other designers and brands from all over Asia, and to also chat with (hopefully) new customers from Singapore...:)

Thanks for all your support, guys...I love you! :)

For more info, kindly visit the website...:)

Adios! :)