I Come In Peace

My bed, my sanctuary

I loooove being an entrepreneur, because it allows me to create something from nothing. Business is a fun way to create and build something new, and within the process, we learn so much. I'm sad to see how many entrepreneurs nowadays decide to be one just for the sake of making money. I really think passion should have a greater portion. No matter how small my Up brand is still, I am proud because I am growing it wholeheartedly.

Let's value originality, people. Originality in every aspect. Being inspired is one thing, being original is another. While we learn from other people and we are inspired by them, we should always remind ourselves to not steal, moreover lie. When we're entrepreneurs, it's so easy to steal from each other. But that really is not the whole point. It's about creating something from nothing, remember?

I won't be straightforward here nor will I be blunt. Just have respect and let's not steal other people's creation be it a design, a copy, a brand philosophy, an idea or any other form of intellectual property. Always give credits to those you were inspired by. Real success will only follow the sincere & kindhearted ones.

Good night...:)

PS: I myself adore Inda from P.A.N.G. and Cindy from Only I. To me, they are examples of true, passionate & original individuals. Salute! :)