My Unexciting Quiz is CLOSED!

Me: "Babe, I think I made the stupidest quiz."
S: "Yeah I know."

Hahahhah! My quiz was TOO EASY it is so UNFAIR! :D

I mean come on, the first commenter already got the answer right..where's the thrill? In fact, almost everyone answered correctly! Errrrrr...:D

Nevertheless, CONGRATULATIONS to Eline from A Fluffy Blog for winning my quiz hihih...I'll email you regarding the priiizeee yayyyyyyy! :)

FYI, the answer is:

"When I'm your light, nothing brings me down,
If only I could always feel just as I do right now. 

In your light, just when I'm in your light."

which is actually the lyrics of Gotye's "In Your Light" song...:)

Thanks for participating, everyone! :)