Two Cents. And One Dollar.

In my opinion, one should have the ability to adapt and blend with its surrounding. One should be multifaceted, compromising, therefore change roles in between their daily activities. One should be able to be mature, childlike, serious, silly, firm, flexible, independent, reliant, all adjusted to where you are, who you’re with. Just like a performer, life is actually like a show business. In a good way. And in a genuine manner. There are different audiences to entertain every day, and we just gotta enjoy the different roles we play.

For me, this also applies to fashion. Fashion should never be selfish, but understanding. As much as I love fashion, I realize that some clothes or too strong of a style can create distance. Because clothes are intimate, often interpreted as a symbol of status, or class. Regardless the actual meaning, fashion does create inferiority. Clothes can make someone shrink (metaphorically), or make someone feel better than everyone else. And this is what I dislike. To let clothes outclass anyone, just because one thinks too much of him / herself and that one must always push forward their personal style. I disagree. We are not our clothes, nor the brand we wear. Our personality, our quality, can speak without our clothes. There are times when we should put aside our accessories, once in a while. Fashion to me is not about proving anything to anyone. It’s a self-expression, and self-expression must be done by understanding your situation first.

Fashion should never be selfish. Dress down when needed...:)